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Spring cleaning is a great idea for any home. It is recommended twice a year. The cleaning is done with Rainbow cleaning system and organic products. It's amazing transformation for each home. The price start from £ 150 +

Cleaning of mattresses 

Cleaning of mattresses is the most wonderful healthy gift that you can do for yourself. You  do not know  how many germs are sleeping sweet dream with you . So you do amazing gift in the price of your mattress cleaning from our regular price £ 39 pounds of £20. If you order each month cleaning your mattress will cost £15 pounds. This is our incredible monthly offer. Grab one now

Carpet Cleaning

 Cleaning your carpets is a must for any healthy home at least once a year. Carpet cleaning  with our cleaning system  Rainbow will bring more freshness and health in your home. The price start form £ 200+


                                              CLEANING WITH MISSION 



Our company


 VIP HEALTHY CLEANING STYLE LTD. is one of Hampshire most exquisite cleaning company. Our company provides professional services. We use innovative technology and professionaland organic  cleaning materials. We are the first one in Hampshire use the Best cleaning system . Our Priority is our Clients. And we have goals and mission to give you the best. We want to provide to  you services with highest standarts. We want to transform your home and health with the best technology in cleaning industry - RAINBOW CLEANING SYSTEM.

We don`t tell you why our company is better then others we show you and let you see for yourselves. 

Our services start from £15


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